What Strength Is

Letting Go

Letting go of fears and expectations. Telling yourself that the worst thing might happen, and if it does, you’ll be OK. Stepping back when your first response is to cling. Picking up a paintbrush when you’re afraid to make a mistake.

Diving In

Diving into all the feelings, even the scariest ones. Knowing the water will be cold, but worth it. Surrendering to uncertainty and hope that the currents take you — not to where you want to go, but where you need to go.

Gritting Your Teeth

Doing the hard things, which are nearly always the right ones. Putting a little extra elbow grease in. Polishing the exterior a bit more. Facing the day with confidence. You don’t have to smile for anyone else while you’re doing it, but I hope you do for yourself.

Looking Up

Not assuming the worst. Getting stung by a bee and hoping the bee is alright. Taking moments to reflect on small and ordinary moments of joy. Remembering what you have and how far you’ve come. Having faith. Not letting a single thing go for granted.

Acting Out

Speaking out when you see something that feels wrong. Choosing compassion. Practicing integrity. Singing as loudly as you can in the shower or the car, or the street, for that matter. Being yourself without apology or explanation.

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