Below are samples of work I’ve done as an SEO Specialist. In addition to providing title tags and metas, linking strategies, page content optimization, and blog writing, I specialize in creating content and redesigning pages for improved SEO value and UX/conversion-driven results. I provide the content and design framework, then collaborate with designers to create the finished product that you’ll see below. Contact me for better SEO output and lead generation.


Gynecologist, “What to Do if Sex Is Painful

Childcare Center & Preschool, “All About Self-Regulation

Non-Recourse Loan Lender, “Rental Trends and Millennials

Mobility Solutions, “A History of the ADA

Medical Clinic, “Emotional Eating FAQs

Infographic Content

Plumber, “5 Main Types of Plumbing Pipes

Non-Recourse Loan Lender, “Tips for First-Time Rental Property Owners

Charter School, “Understanding STEM

Page Builds

Moving Company

Original Page

My Redesign

Childcare Center

Original Page

My Redesign

The grey rectangular box is actually a map feature, it just didn’t load for the screenshot.

Floor Store

Original Page

My Redesign