Liberals Don’t Want to Take Your Guns Away

I’ll come right out and say it: Liberals don’t want to take your guns. If you’re afraid to vote for Democrats in 2020 solely because you don’t want to lose your guns, you have nothing to be afraid of. And if you vote based on this unrealistic fear, you could continue to hurt us all.

That’s not what Fox News and other right-leaning news syndicates would have you believe. They have built a culture of lies and paranoia. They go for snappy, fear-inducing headlines that prey on the vulnerable, like:

No liberal I know actually wants to take your guns away. Neither do the Democratic candidates. 

Elizabeth Warren “was born and raised in Oklahoma and has said that she values the rights of ‘law-abiding citizens’ to own guns,” as reported by ABC.

Pete Buttiegieg is a veteran who served in Afghanistan. He has repeatedly tied mental health problems to gun violence problems:

At no point has he said he wants to confiscate guns. If anything, he’s spoken on numerous occasions regarding the rights of responsible gun owners.

Bernie Sanders, often considered the most progressive candidate, recognizes that people in his represented state of Vermont love to hunt. Here’s what he has to say on gun control:

At no point does he say he’s going to confiscate guns. Stopping the sale of assault weapons doesn’t mean those who already have them will automatically have to turn them in (though assault weapons ownership is a whole different topic).

I know I can’t speak for all liberals, but as someone who has never fired or even held an actual firearm and as a pacifist, I do not want to take your guns away

But why am I reiterating this point so much?

Too many people are sacrificing their morals for a lie.

Voting based on keeping your guns should not even be a thought because no one wants to take your guns. When you enter the polls in 2020, these are the questions that should inform your voting:

  • What candidate will best remedy the thousands of children who are dying and withering away, separated from their parents, in border camps in our own country? What candidate cares and is the most committed about their well-being?
  • What candidate is committed to the environment? Which candidate is committed to helping our country become green and start giving us back our future?
  • Which candidate has a substantial healthcare plan so that we can stop seeing people desperately fundraise for their own medical treatments?
  • What candidate is as sympathetic to the plight of the farmer as they are to the plight of a person identifying as LGBTQ?
  • Which candidate has a strong character and moral fiber? Who is empathetic, a good listener, kind to all and unkind to oppression?

If you are voting for a candidate who:

  • Is outwardly and deliberately cruel to others
  • Is racist, inflammatory, and/or discriminatory — in their beliefs, policies, actions, words, or all of the above
  • Believes there is only one religion and that religion should dictate this country (sidenote: if you are so committed to the 2nd amendment, then you sure as hell better be as committed to the religious freedom this country was founded on)
  • Has words that don’t match their actions
  • Has a history of looking out for their own self-interests and personal gains
  • Shows little or no consideration for the environment
  • Is rarely (if ever) willing to do the right thing

Then you should not vote for this person.

No Democratic candidate is “anti-gun.”

Firearms are dangerous and can be used as weapons. But the bigger danger is voting for the wrong person, solely because of their stance on guns. As we’ve seen time after painful time in the past three years, it is catastrophic to put the wrong person in charge.

Your guns won’t matter if we don’t have a world to live in. But again, no one is taking your guns. Please vote in accordance to what is right and for the good of us all. No Democratic candidate is going to take your guns away. 

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