I grew up in a state that’s covered in water. It wasn’t until later that I realized how important those lakes, creeks, and rivers are to me.

Water is beautiful from the surface. It feels dangerous to dive deeper than that, but going deep and below is something I love to do. We always talk about growing and glowing and reaching new heights, but new heights can’t be reached until new depths are also considered.

Deep & Below is all about that depth. It’s thinking deeply, it’s vulnerability, it’s the concepts that I ruminate on for days or weeks at a time and then burst with ideas to whomever is listening. It’s book reviews and cooking tips. It’s thoughts on love. It’s artwork. It’s whatever I’m thinking deeply about and perhaps, something you want to think deeply about too.

With that being said, welcome! And thanks for diving in.

Credit: Geoffrey Baumbach via Unsplash

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