When it Comes to Abortion, Everyone Is Pro-Choice

There are thousands, maybe millions of Americans who plan on voting for Trump because they aren’t pro-choice (they say they’re anti-abortion — I will not be using false phrases like “pro-life” here).

You might not believe it, but nearly everyone in the US is already pro-choice! It is the one thing that we can almost unanimously agree upon. Because of this, we know the importance of voting for pro-choice candidates and not voting for Trump or other Republicans whose views don’t align.

Before diving in, a few facts:

We’ll come back to this data throughout. For now, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you think every person should be required to wear a mask in public and at the store?
  2. Are you upset about the rates that Black people and Black trans women are disproportionately murdered, often by police? 
  3. Do you think most of the people in prisons deserve to be there?
  4. Do you think every woman should be forced to have kids?
  5. Do you think a woman is only a woman if she has kids?
  6. Do you think the death penalty should be legal?

Do you think every person should be required to wear a mask in public and at the store?

If you said yes then you understand the importance of public health. Giving women the same bodily autonomy as men and all people is right, equitable, and contributes positively to public health. You are pro-choice.

If you said no then you believe people can’t tell you or others what to do with your/their body. You are also pro-choice.

Are you upset about the rates that Black people and Black trans women are disproportionately murdered, often by police?

If you said yes then you recognize that people who are currently living, alive and functioning outside a womb are sacred. Their lives are sacred and deserve protection. You wouldn’t vote in a way that threatens their life.

You wouldn’t vote for candidates that condemn “looters” but not the actual murderers or whose policies seek to punish Black folx and Trans folx and/or make their lives unsafe. You wouldn’t vote for a president who called white supremacists “very fine people.” You would vote pro-choice.

If you said no then you apparently think it’s OK for people to be murdered. You’re also a racist who has a lot of self-learning to undergo. By your logic, if people can be murdered then so can a fetus. You are pro-choice.

Do you think most of the people in prisons deserve to be there?

If you said yes then keep in mind that in California, women were sterilized in prisons against their will. If you think this is wrong, then you believe women should get a choice as to what they want to do with their bodies. You are pro-choice. 

If you said yes because the “punishment fits the crime,” then you think Tanya McDowell, a Black woman who, while homeless, put down her friend’s address on a school form for her son’s enrollment deserved to be sentenced to 5 years in prison.

You must then think that Trump deserves a lifetime in prison for using “taxpayer-funded military aid to bribe a foreign government to help his reelection” (USA Today). You’d at least think he deserves the same 5 years as Tanya McDowell for each of his lies, including things such as saying that he won the popular vote, Obama wasn’t born in the US, a child gets autism from a vaccine, and pretty much two-thirds of everything else that comes out of his mouth.

Knowing that you believe the punishment fits the crime, you would not vote for a criminal. In the presidential election, you would vote for a pro-choice candidate.

If you answered no to the question then you recognize the massive disparities that affect Black people vs. white people. You wouldn’t jeopardize the freedom and lives of Black Americans by voting anti-abortion. You would ultimately vote pro-choice.

Do you think every woman should be forced to have kids?

If you said yes, then you think women should be forced to have kids even when they die in childbirth (remember, a safe and legal abortion is 14 times less dangerous). You apparently think it’s OK for women to die so therefore you think a fetus can be aborted. You are pro-choice.

If you said no then you recognize that women should get to choose whether or not they want to have kids. You are pro-choice.

Do you think a woman is only a woman if she has and gives birth to kids?

If you said yes then that means you would tell women who haven’t given birth due to miscarriages that they aren’t women. You would tell a woman with fertility problems that she isn’t actually a woman. You would tell a Trans woman she isn’t a woman. You would tell a woman who doesn’t want to have children that she isn’t a woman. You would tell a mom of adopted children that she isn’t actually a woman.

If you wouldn’t do any of those things, then you do not actually believe that women are only women if they have kids. Proceed to no.

Since you said no you recognize that women are women regardless of their choice to become a mother. You recognize that becoming a mother is and should be a choice. You are pro-choice.

Do you think the death penalty should be legal?

If you said yes then you believe we get to decide who lives and dies. Ninety percent of abortions happen in the first trimester when a fetus is not a full-fledged person. If you believe a full-fledged adult should be killed then you believe a fetus, a collection of cells, is allowed to be terminated. You are pro-choice.

If you said no then you don’t think it’s up to us to decide who lives and dies. But don’t think this automatically means you care about human life.

If you vote for Trump, who has shown complete disregard for immigrants, children, Mexicans, Muslims, Black people, Asians, women, queer folx, veterans, the middle class, the working class and even his own Republican party, then you do not care about human life.

If you truly care about human life, then you cannot vote for Trump. If you truly care about human life, you are pro-choice.

15 thoughts on “When it Comes to Abortion, Everyone Is Pro-Choice

  1. I generally try to be polite, but this is stupid.
    I would like to say, first of all, that a fetus is as much a ‘collection of cells’ as an adult is. Just because a fetus is smaller and cannot speak does not make it any less of a human being.
    I care about human life, and that’s why I WOULDN’T vote for anyone who holds a progressive perspective. I’m sure you’ve heard of CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone). If liberals had their way, all of America would look like this. I would like to point out that all the pro-choice liberals talking about BLM are the same ones aborting black babies. Ironic, huh?

    I’m very sorry if I came off as rude, but I feel very strongly about this and just wanted to share my thoughts on this.
    Have a good day ❤


    1. Thanks for posting a response and reading my post. My initial question is what’s so bad about CHAZ? Violence in autonomous zones have not been at the hands of the people protesting, but of white supremacists, pro-Trump instigators, and militarized police. Be upset about the response from the far right and Trump administration. We’ve seen example after example where peaceful protestors are met with riot police and violence. Peaceful protestors have lost eyes from rubber bullets and even died from tear gas. You’re expressing more concern with an autonomous zone than with the police who are attacking people who are peacefully standing up for the murders of Black people.

      Regarding the abortion thing, here’s my question for you: Would you force someone to donate a kidney?


      1. Oh, oh, oh! Can I answer the question!? Would I force someone to donate a kidney? No!

        I agree with Foxolotl on the abortion thing. Women do have a right over their bodies because they are human beings. But when it comes to abortion, you have two human beings mixed up in the problem (the Mother and the Fetus). The mother can’t just kill the fetus because she wants to. This might be hard, since having a baby is hard and a big responsibility, but it is not a good enough reason to kill another human being.

        If we were allowed to kill anyone who weighted on our wallets, time, and energy, then abortions would be a thing and teenagers would not be a thing.

        Abortions can be an answer in catch-22 emergency scenarios. But care should still be given because two lives are on the line. Nothing is simple. Everything is complicated.

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      2. Many people die every year because they’re on the waitlist for a kidney transplant. But we don’t force people to donate their kidneys when they don’t want to because of bodily autonomy. In this instance, you still (to quote you) have “two human beings mixed up in the problem.”

        My follow-up question to that: would you force men to have vasectomies?

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      3. I see. But someone dying because of the lack of a kidney is different from someone dying because they are killed. One dies because of missing something he/she does not have available while the the other dies because he/she is killed.

        You give a kidney to a person to keep him/her alive. You don’t crush a skull to keep him/her alive. I don’t how to explain this but I’ll try, lol. One example takes an external input added to the status-quo to change it (an external kidney in the kidney example) while the other takes away an internal input from the status-quo. (life in the womb in the abortion example).

        So, your kidney example isn’t a fair comparison for abortion. One takes a kidney for life to keep going while the other takes a life to keep life going.

        They probably have a logical term for this mental gymnastic but I don’t have it currently, so confusion is permittable, haha.

        While I showed you how your kidney example is not logically sufficient to be compared with abortion, I’ll still answer your follow up question. Maybe this one will get something loose.

        Would I force men to have vasectomies? No. Because men, like women, have the right to choose if they want to get sterilized. At least, that’s what I believe both sexes should have (I don’t know what moral ruler we are going by in this debate, so…).

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      4. I hear what you’re saying and appreciate your perspective. The point of the kidney example is choice: no matter what the cost, we give people the choice as to whether they want to donate a kidney or not.

        No one ever seems to want to give men vasectomies (which are reversible), and I’m not even advocating for that, but men take just as much part in the creation of a fetus. Many would never think to force a man to have a vasectomy — a common, mild, and again, reversible procedure — but think it’s fine and even right to force a woman to be sick, uncomfortable, in pain for almost a YEAR for something that she doesn’t even want to go through.

        As a quick side note, it’s incredibly hard for women to find someone to perform tubal ligation (sterilization): https://slate.com/human-interest/2012/07/getting-your-tubes-tied-why-do-young-women-have-a-hard-time-getting-sterilized.html

        But really the whole point of what I wrote in the first place is this: if you are anti-abortion but have no problem with the endless suffering and death that happens to other humans — humans, mind you, not a collection of cells or fetus whose very classification as a human is up for debate — then you can’t say you’re pro-life.

        Too many people are ready to sacrifice every other moral issue for abortion. Systemic racism kills millions (https://time.com/5851864/institutional-racism-america/). The US’ war budget has killed millions. Not voting for politicians who prioritize the environment has and will continue to kill millions. Like I said, I’m really not trying to debate abortion itself (but got sucked in, that’s on me) but more so the notion that those who vote “pro-life” are anything but.


      5. Okay, I see. Well for me this debate is not about choice only, it is about the rights of a human being. If both the Mother and the Fetus are humans, they both have the right to live. In an abortion, the Fetus’ rights are trampled upon and his/her life is taken away from him/her. The mother too has a right, but killing another human being because it is a lot to take on the responsibility is not sufficient grounds to trample on the fetus’ right to live. It is not about choice alone, the right to live is also part of the debate.

        Wow. I never knew it was reversible. I know that when it comes to having a baby women get the brunt of it. But just because a woman has a hard time when having a baby, the male counterpart is not obliged to suffer to the same extent. This, of course is if we are going by the laws of nature. Nature, when it comes to raising young, seems to have put women in the hard place. It is just the sad reality that women have it harder than men when it comes to having a baby. It is naturally fair for women to have it harder (not that I want that to be true, it is just what nature has set). Again, the natural inequality is shown again in the sterilization issue. Men have it easier by nature.

        But this inequality was not designed by society, it is by nature. But just because nature is unfair to one human being (the Mother) it does not justify the killing of another life (the Fetus). It is just the hard reality of life. Nature is unequal. If all morals and humanrights were taken away from society, abortions would be a “right” way to solve this natural inequality. But since we believe all human beings have individual rights, abortion is morally wrong because it tramples one life over the other.

        “But really the whole point of what I wrote in the first place is this: if you are anti-abortion but have no problem with the endless suffering and death that happens to other humans — humans, mind you, not a collection of cells or fetus whose very classification as a human is up for debate — then you can’t say you’re pro-life.”

        Yes, my whole argument rests on the fact that there are two human beings in the problem. So, if the fetus was not a human being, abortion would be right. But as long as it is a human being in there, abortion is not right.

        Yes, I got carried away on the abortion part of the post, sorry lol. But I agree on your points on the problem with people being bias when they call themselves pro-life but they aren’t actually pro-life in all aspects of societal problems.

        If you don’t mind going down the Abortion side-quest with me, I can try to convince you that the pro-life stance on abortion concerning if the Fetus is human or not is the best and reasonable stance to take.

        While I do believe racism is a problem in America, I do think abortion is the more pressing moral problem if given that Fetus’ are human. If fetus’ are human, the death count from abortions are way way way higher than racial shootings, hence abortion is the bigger problem. So, I am up to try to convince you why the Pro-life stance abortion concerning the fetus’ humaness is the more reasonable stance if you want to.

        The U.S. war machine is immoral, I agree. But it is the only thing keeping America in power. So, if I was not a Christian and was instead a Pagan (Patriot, worshipper of ones nation basically) wearing a MAGA hat, I would probably be for the U.S. war machine.

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      6. Hello, I apologize for my late reply.
        What’s bad about CHAZ is that it was a large group of people trying to create a society where everyone was ‘equal’, a society not regulated by police. Police are not the racist murderers you think they are. Sure, there are some who will grossly abuse their authority, such as those who were involved in the murder of George Floyd, but the majority of police are just good, brave people who work hard to protect their communities and keep people safe. The cop in this video is just like many of the cops I have met. https://youtu.be/yESTT45RZK4
        Back to the topic of CHAZ, what seemed like a great idea to many became a free-for-all convention of violence, looting, and racism. Did you know that there were people trying to bring back segregation? They made public gardens that only people with darker-colored skin were allowed to use. This is why I think CHAZ was a bad thing.

        I would also like to say that I have always hated labeling people by the color of their skin or their gender. I think that many progressives have a very negative prejudice towards white males. This does not make sense, because progressives are always talking about equality for all.

        And finally, my answer to your question is no, I would never force a person to donate their kidney.

        Here’s a question: Would you kill your two-year-old child? Your grandmother? Your brother or sister? Your mother or father? A cousin? A complete stranger? Surely you would say no. All human lives have the same value. Every human life is priceless and beautiful and should be held as sacred, from conception to death. If you object to this, than you cannot say that you really care about any human being if you would be willing to destroy human life in it’s most defenseless and innocent stage.

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      7. Hello again, I’ve been reading a lot of articles and snippets of ‘news’ from several more liberal and democrat run news sites, as well as listening to many of the things that the far-left side have been saying. And from what I’ve found, all of these sites and politicians seem to think black people shouldn’t even be seen! For example, I recently read an article saying that people should not use GIFs that feature people of African-American descent, supposedly because if you do it ‘portrays African-Americans as being over-emotional’.
        In conclusion, I’ve realized that the left is actually racist towards African-Americans, which makes sense because it was the Democrats who supported slavery.

        Anyways, I just wanted to share my opinion and see what you think. I don’t expect you to answer, but if you do, I enjoy a good debate 😉


  2. I kind of feel like your right, but there have been lots of arguments because of abortion.
    If a women was to have a child and she was young (lets say 15 or 17), and her parents had warned her NOT to get pregnant at such a young age, Surely you wouldn’t blame her to want to rid of the child?? Otherwise then that- A women should be able to have control o ftheir body and not be used. If women want to be used- ok, an if they want to continue being used and getting abortions- let them be! If you really care, you would let the child live.


    1. Thank you for reading and for your response. I agree with what you say about letting women be, and certainly I understand why a woman wants to keep a child just as much as I understand why a woman wouldn’t want to be a mom.

      One thing about women “being used” — plenty of women have sex because they want to have sex. It’s not a thing of “I’m allowing men to take advantage of me,” sex can (and should be) extremely liberating and pleasurable for women. As I mentioned, almost half of all abortions happen to women who were using birth control, which shows that many of those women want to have sex, they just don’t want to get pregnant. It’s often not their fault their birth control failed.

      The last thing I’ll say is regarding “if you really care, you would let the child live.” There are tons of people who are not good parents, nor want to be parents. I’d argue that choosing to not have a child because you know you’re not going to provide for them what they need is showing care in a different way. Many women who have abortions later go on to having children — at a time when they’re ready to be parents.


  3. Abortion is murder, I don’t see what you do not understand about that.

    Just poor kids being murdered either in the mothers whom or right after they come out.

    Are you a believer of Christ?

    if not do not read the following:

    Jesus said himself: “thou shall not commit adultry”… For the other thing you said about “sex”..
    But he gave us a choice to either be good, or bad.

    read the following:

    It would be better to send the child to a place (I forget what they are called [I think it’s called foster care or perhaps not]) and keep the poor thing alive.

    You don’t need to parent it, just Let It Live.

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    1. 1. Not everyone is Christian. This country was founded off of separation of church and state so you can’t base laws off of Christianity.

      2. Adultery is not abortion.

      3. Having consensual sex is not inherently bad. If sex isn’t consensual then it’s bad (and it’s also not sex, it’s assault), just like forcing a woman to stay pregnant is not consensual and therefore is bad.

      4. It’s rare (and in most states, illegal) for doctors to perform an abortion after 20 weeks. Abortions are NEVER performed in a medical setting after a baby is born.

      5. Since you think women should be forced to carry to term do you also think then that men should have forced vasectomies?

      6. *womb


      1. 1. Everything should be based on god.

        2. Who said I said that?

        3. I’d rather keep the subject out of my mind.

        4. Okay.

        5. I’m not forcing, just recommending. |:/
        I mean it is better to keep alive than to kill…

        6. oh my bad, thank you.

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